These are the passionate men and women of Mission Discovery!  Since 1991 the Mission Discovery Staff has been ministering to the poor through short-term mission trips, medical missions, and volunteer vacations helping thousands do the same.

Our goal is to provide participants with a unique and meaningful missionary work experience whether it be a voluteer vacation, medical missions trips or even long term mission trips.

Each staff member is committed to making the name of Jesus known through our love and service. Every project coordinator with Mission Discovery raises funds to keep the cost of our mission trips low. Click on any staff member to learn more about them and their christian ministries. Or, join them in their goal of christian ministries and volunteer abroad.

Maury Buchanan


Maury Buchanan, a youth minister since 1975, was born in Greenwood, Mississippi. Maury became a Christian when he was 19, while working at a radio station in Florence, Alabama. While working in radio in North Alabama, Maury was the play-by-play voice of the University of North Alabama Lions basketball. After many years with Youth For Christ and as a youth minister, Maury led teams of students from his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee to places like the Dominican Republic, and Central America and saw the powerful change in their lives as a result to the trips.

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Michael Kneff

Project Director - US and Guatemala

Michael served on his first mission trip with Mission Discovery when he was 13 years old. After that first trip, he kept serving with Mission Discovery until they finally offered him a job. He has served as a project coordinator for over 10 years; primarily in Guatemala and South Dakota. A love for travel and experiencing other cultures continues to motivate him to serve in parts of the U.S. and abroad.

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Stephanie Cook

Administrative Director

Stephanie has a passion for missions that has been fueled by trips throughout high school and college. Her previous mission trip opportunities include trips to Portugal, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and several locations in the US. Outside of mission work, she enjoys scrapbooking, reading, and Zumba workouts! Her favorite way to pass the time is hanging out with her husband, Andy, and playing with her awesome kiddos, Luci, Reese and Bristol.

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Rich Rohde

Director HOLD the Children

Rich is the Administrator for HOLD the children (Htc), responsible for the day to day activities of the Htc program. He also serves as project coordinator for Mission Discovery as needed. Rich’s first active involvement in missions occurred following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. He participated in hurricane relief work with a team from Emmanuel Church in October 1992 and then led another team the following year to South Florida to continue relief work. Rich and his wife Darlene first served with Mission Discovery as adult leaders on a youth trip to Jamaica in 1994.

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Jimmy Rivera


I am a lover of life and all that God has to offer! My first Mission Discovery trip was as a participant with my church. I helped translate the Vacation Bible School for a week-long trip in Reynosa, Mexico. When I returned home I was convinced that pursuing work with MD full time was for me! That was in 1993. Today I coordinate trips for Mission Discovery, lead our Board of Directors and use my skills in finance and administration to oversee the dollars that flow through our organization each year.

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Jeanie Morgan

Financial Administrative Assistant

Jeanie Morgan is a master of the spreadsheet! Jeanie handles all of the details of trip payments, donor relations and all things financial. She's an expert on what is tax deductible. Jeanie and her husband make their home in Hendersonville, TN.

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Nathan Walters

Director of Marketing

Nathan Walters is passionate about spreading the love of Christ with Mission Discovery. He serves as the Director of Marketing and Project Coordinator for mission trips to Haiti, Jamaica, Guatemala, Mexico, and other locations in the states and the around the world. 

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Courtney Rivera

Project Coordinator

Courtney Rivera went on her first mission trip with Mission Discovery to Reynosa, Mexico when she was 8 years old.  She has a passion for seeing students and adults changed through their encounters with God.  Courtney is one of our Project Coordinators leading trips here in the U.S. as well as Guatemala and Mexico. She also handles Mission Discovery's social media and assists with our HOLD the Children child sponsorship program.  If you request information about a Mission Discovery trip, it's Courtney's voice on the other end of the phone that follows up to answer your questions.

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Pat Pregel

Office Assistant

Many will recognise Pat from the hundreds she has fed at Mission Discovery kitchens in the U.S. and Mexico.  Pat and her husband Carl were introduced to Mission Discovery through a friend who needed help cooking for a Mission Discovery camp in Reynosa, Mexico.  Pat love the experience of serving our teams week after week while Carl assisted teams as a contractor build hundreds of homes along the US/Mexico border.  Pat spends her spare time serving her church and serving on weekend spriitual retreats called Tres Dias.

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Jessicah Serrano

Administrative Assistant

Jessicah is a California transplant and is thankful to be part of the Mission Discovery team. She feels blessed to be able to help and hopefully encourage others as they serve the Lord through missions! Jessicah and her husband enjoy working on projects around the house and exploring new places together. 

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