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Tourists flock to the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture of Guatemala’s cultural hub. Just beyond its provincial attractions, families struggle to earn enough for basic food and shelter. Children, often as young as seven years old, give up a chance at education in order to help sustain their families. You’re invited to join with local ministries to improve the lives of those you will serve. Through construction projects and Children’s Bible School, you can have a tangible impact on the future of Guatemala.

Along with the hard work, you will spend an exciting day shopping for souvenirs, touring local attractions, or climbing one of Guatemala's active, yet safe, volcanoes.

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  • Antigua, Guatemala

    Dates 6/14/15 to 6/20/15
    Cost $675
    Director: Jimmy Rivera
    Reg Fee: $100
    Ages: Senior High, College Age, Adult
    Availability: Spots Available
  • Antigua, Guatemala

    Dates 6/21/15 to 6/27/15
    Cost $675
    Director: Jimmy Rivera
    Reg Fee: $100
    Ages: Senior High, College Age
    Availability: Almost Full

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A World to Discover: Guatemala - Episode I

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Trip News

October 27, 2014 by Chris Klinefelter
It was the last day of Jonathan’s short term missions trip in Guatemala. He’d been there for a week to volunteer abroad with his youth group. They’d worked on a construction project in a small village outside Antigua, replacing the roof on a local school. Most of their time had been spent working on the roof, and they hadn’t gotten to interact much with the community. Thus, everyone was excited when Greg, their youth pastor, suggested they play an evening game of basketball with some of the locals.
October 6, 2014 by Michael Kneff
Hector wants us to film him jumping on the back of the bus. It’s the kind of thing any 13 year old would want to show off. As he climbs on the bus, he goes straight to the window seat in the fourth row from the back on the right side. That’s his seat. Hector’s hour-long commute to school has begun. Each day Hector travels to Antigua in order to continue his education. His parents aren’t making him go. Most of his family has chosen to work at the local green bean farm instead of getting an education. Hector wants something different for his life.
March 30, 2012 by Michael Kneff
We must have looked very strange. Three Guatemalan girls and two 6 foot plus American guys walking down a mountain path on our way to the town grinder with one small bowl of corn. It was the middle of the afternoon and Lillian, Heidy, and Jenifer’s mom had sent them to grind their corn so they could have tortillas for dinner. Walking down the path, I began to notice that there were many other children doing the same walk, with a similar bowl of corn. I realized this must be a normal task that occurs every day before dinnertime all across Guatemala.
February 17, 2012 by Maury Buchanan
We are right in the middle of our pre-trip training at Mission Discovery! Mission trips team preparation is essential for anyone heading out on a summer mission trip. We are almost sure that a team will do lots of research about the destination, the people and their culture. But we discovery an often overlooked area of mission team preparation. Every group who participates in a mission trip with Mission Discovery prepares a Team Covenant. The Team Covenant is a bit like a contract.
January 30, 2012 by Maury Buchanan
Over 2 million individuals will go on a short term mission trip in 2012. Many of those who go will simply be able to write the check for the trip, but others will be a part of individual and organized fundraising events to shore up the money to serve. Since 1975 I have been raising my personal support. Here at Mission Discovery each staff member is asked to raise a portion of the funds needed to supply their annual salary.
December 9, 2011 by Maury Buchanan
Today Mission Discovery Michael Kneff and Maury Buchanan sit down for a chat about mission trips in Guatemala. Listen, watch and go with Mission Discovery on this adventure of a lifetime!
February 26, 2011 by Maury Buchanan
Yesterday was another education here in Guatemala. Preparing for a the arrival of a group that will be here in a few weeks took us to Casa Jackson and an meeting with a young lady in her 20's named Andrea. She's one of the staff who oversees a program of bringing life back to babies here. Literally life!