Mission Trips

Mission Trips

We take great care in selecting mission trip locations that meet the physical and spiritual needs of the world's poor. With trips in a variety of lengths, countries, sizes, price ranges, and work projects we are confident that you can find a short term mission trip that meets your needs.

In response to overwhelming need in Haiti, Mission Discovery is mobilizing medical teams to address the immediate health needs that regularly go untreated. Teams of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, dentists and medical technicians are needed to address the tremendous physical needs of Haitians. Mission Discovery will conduct mobile clinics in Cite Soleil and other poorer sections of

Watch your team make a difference in deep south Texas!  Through partnerships with other ministries in the Rio Grande Valley, we have identified many families with great needs. Working in some of the poorest colonias just north of Mission, TX, teams will lead Children's Bible School and serve in vital community service projects, such as repairing homes and churches, building playgrounds, and installing ramps for the disabled.

Little miracles happen every day at the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf in the farming community of Eden. Working with children who have a variety of special needs, the teachers of JCSD provide an exceptional education for children who might not otherwise receive adequate attention in a public school. 

Soon after 2010’s devastating earthquake, Mission Discovery teams arrived in the heart of the hardest hit areas. Today we continue to return because 400,000 Haitians live in tent cities amid abhorrent conditions.

Mission Discovery initially created the child sponsorship program called HOLD the Children due to a lack of pencils. Upon closer examination, the needs went much deeper than school supplies. Today, HOLD pays teachers’ salaries and targets the overall needs of schools. It also founded and helps maintain an orphanage just outside of Port-de-Paix. You will play a part in securing a better future for Haitian children by visiting HOLD schools and help continue the progress at the HOLD orphanage.

Be a part of a 7 month adventure with Mission Discovery called the Bold Adventure. You'll travel to Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Spain, Swaziland and Holland. The Bold Adventure is a Discipleship Program that connects Adventure Seekers with creation, the Creator, and the most experienced and knowledgable missionaries in the world.

A Bold Adventurer Is...

Eden is a small village set back in the hills and rain forests of Jamaica. In this tiny town, the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf ministers to hearing impaired and special needs children whose families could not otherwise afford such excellent attention and care. Mission Discovery short term mission trips for adult teams in Jamaica spend a week serving at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf.  Projects can include building new dorms and classrooms, teaching a class for deaf children, creating safe play areas for the children, or building/repairing perimeter fences.

Fort Blackmore, Virginia is located near the borders of Tennessee and Kentucky. Tucked away in the southwestern corner of the state, the rural town is rich in history, but like much of the Appalachian area, it has faced hard times. Residents there take pride in their quality of life, but like so many places in our nation, this community is home to people in real need. Your team is needed to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of Appalachian residents. There are many opportunities for your group to do home repair projects that will dramatically improve a family's quality of life.

Beyond the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, thousands of people live in the shadows of hopelessness. Partnering with local ministries, your team will participate in Children’s Bible School and other outreach opportunities as well as serve the poor by working in food lines and clothing distribution. Open your heart to hear the stories of desperate people trying to survive in Sin City. The saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but we’re sure you’ll come away with a wealth of life-changing experiences.

Tourists flock to the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture of Guatemala’s cultural hub. Just beyond its provincial attractions, families struggle to earn enough for basic food and shelter. Children, often as young as seven years old, give up a chance at education in order to help sustain their families. You’re invited to join with local ministries to improve the lives of those you will serve. Through construction projects and Children’s Bible School, you can have a tangible impact on the future of Guatemala.

Your team is needed in Music City U.S.A., Nashville, Tennessee! This Tennessee mission trip is unlike any you have experienced. The Brookings Institution reported that from 2000 to 2008, some 32,000 people fell below the poverty line — $21,834 for a family of four — within the city limits.

Cruise ships present Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, as a tropical paradise; we’ll introduce you to what life is like for thousands of Haitian refugees who have risked everything for a new start. We come to refresh local pastors and ministries devoted to serving poor Bahamian and Haitian communities by helping construct churches and daycare facilities, repair homes, and lead Children’s Bible Schools. Groups will also connect with the community through visits to a juvenile detention center and the All Saints AIDS Camp.

Called by God to rescue abused children in the Navajo Nation, Linda Russell founded North American Outreach Ministries in 1985. Currently at NAOMI House, 30 children live safely in a loving Christian environment.

In support of this important work, your Mission Discovery team will clear brush, paint and repair the home, lead a Children's Bible school and incite giggles among NAOMI’s precious children. Immerse yourself in Native American culture and spend your day off exploring the Grand Canyon.

Westmoreland is a small, proud community of 4,000 people located 45 minutes north of Nashville. It is a rural town where homes are literally coming down around some of the poorer residents.

Building upon a relationship with the community established 15 years ago, your group will work on light repair projects and also serve neighborhoods through outreach partnerships. Teams stay at Camp Mission Discovery.

What comes to mind when you think of Seattle? The Space Needle? Grunge? The Pacific Ocean? Just beyond the beautiful port and tourist attractions lies North Seattle where marginalized and forgotten people congregate, overwhelmed by life’s circumstances.

In this urban setting, teams will work with area churches and ministries to provide food and clothing for the poor, restore beauty to forgotten public areas, share God's love in parks and schools, participate in light construction and much, much more.

On the border that separates South Africa from Swaziland is the community of Bulembu. Once a thriving mining town, Bulembu was abandoned in 2001 along with its hospital and 1,200 homes. A group of individuals purchased the town with a grand vision; the advancement of God’s kingdom in Swaziland. This is being achieved by renovating as many homes as necessary to house 2,000 children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic of Swaziland, teach AIDS awareness, and have self-sustaining community through the start-up of various cottage industry initiatives.

Far from the cartel violence of major Mexican cities, Tecate is nestled between towering boulders and miles of scrub brush. Hardworking people come to this border town in hopes of entering the U.S. or finding jobs, however, due to low wages, many continue to live in abject poverty.

Working with churches and the local government, your team will build simple homes for the poor as well as address the spiritual needs of the community through friendship evangelism and Children’s Bible School.

The trip includes a day off of shopping and swimming.

Love the beach? Bring sunscreen with you to Spanish Wells because much of our missions work takes place under the Bahamian sun, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of pristine beaches and pink coral reefs. Activities include sports programs, swimming lessons, education for children and adults, and Bible camps for communities of Haitian refugees.

To escape the epidemic of poverty at the Pine Ridge Reservation, many of South Dakota’s Lakota population have moved to Rapid City in search of work. This influx has intensified the need for the help local churches and ministries have rallied to provide.

To support their outreach, you will host a Children’s Bible School, establish friendships with those you meet and “get dirty for God” by repairing and painting homes. On your day off, you’ll explore incredible sites in the Black Hills, including Mount Rushmore. 

These days Nashville is an “IT” city—a vibrant center for music, technology, education, dining, and health care. Plus, you’ve probably heard of that TV series. But there’s another side to Music City. Within a mile of the Tennessee Titans’ stadium are large public housing projects and as many as 4,000 homeless people.

One hour south of Memphis is Clarksdale, Mississippi. Situated in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Clarksdale is home to residents living in very difficult circumstances. Your team is needed to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of Clarksdale’s poorest individuals. There are many opportunities to do home repair projects that will dramatically improve the quality of resident’s lives.

With 4,200 residents, Whiteriver is the largest community on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Here the Hope Center distributes clothing, provides counseling and serves as spiritual center for many who wander the streets. Contributing as a workforce for Hope’s “Adopt-A-Block” initiative, you will clear clutter around residents’ homes and neighborhood parks as well as tackle minor repairs and paint jobs.

Each year hundreds of travelers enjoy an extended stay in Antigua’s world-famous Spanish-language schools. On our unique “Learn and Serve” trip, you will spend the morning learning Spanish one-on-one with a teacher, then join with a ministry partner for afternoons communicating Christ’s love in a variety of outreach efforts.

Opportunities include spending time with the children of Hermano Pedro Hospital, hosting a Children’s Bible School, or delivering food to a needy family.

Help change your world and theirs! It's a week of service and refreshment for ladies. You've seen Jamaica's beautiful beaches and tourist destinations featured in television commercials. But behind the scenes of the city are communities struggling like never before. 69.2% of people living in Jamaica make their living from service industries like hotels. In the world's new economy, fewer people are vacationing, and so unemployment is rising. With the rise of unemployment come the side effects.