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Forty-five minutes north of Nashville lies the rural community of Westmoreland.

Its 4,000 residents take pride in their quality of life but not all is well here. There are homes literally falling down around residents who have neither the resources nor physical ability to improve their conditions. Your team’s arrival will be an answer to prayer as you put your heart into light repair jobs, general clean-up and simple friendship,  meeting both the tangible and spiritual needs of families.

  • Lodging:  Teams are housed at Mission Discovery's 100 bed camp called Camp Mission Discovery.  The camp is equipped with a pool, showers, bunk-style cabins, gymnasium, fishing pond, and game field.  
  • Food:  One of the experiences of every Mission Discovery camp is the attention to providing good food!  Breakfast and dinner meals are prepared buffet style in our camp kitchen by Mission Discovery camp staff.  Lunches are sandwiches on the worksite.
  • Transportation:  You must provide your own transportation to and from your assigned worksites.

*Trip cost is price plus registration fee.

Trip Dates

7/2/18 to 7/7/18
High School, Family, Jr Sr High Mixed
$425* /$399 Early Bird
7/9/18 to 7/14/18
High School, Family, Jr. High
$425* /$399 Early Bird
7/16/18 to 7/21/18
High School, Family, Jr. High
$425* /$399 Early Bird

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Trip News

October 29, 2014 by Michael Kneff
Drive an hour northeast from Nashville and you will find the town of Westmoreland. In contrast to Nashville’s surge in population and status as an “up and coming” city, Westmoreland is still very much the same as it has always been. This is a small town with a population of 2,300. Many of its residents have called Westmoreland home for all of their lives. This area is also home to a camp that Mission Discovery purchased almost 10 years ago. Using the camp as a launch point, Mission Discovery has reached out to residents in Westmoreland who need help in a variety of ways.
July 29, 2014
I could hear her voice quivering over the telephone line. She was awestruck by the kindness and grace of our group who had just finished building a ramp for her parents, an elderly couple in Westmoreland, Tennessee. Over and over again she would repeat the words, “I don’t have words to thank you enough.” It was a beautiful conversation that caught me completely off guard. I was just going to say hi.
November 12, 2013 by Simone Loughlin
So you want to go on an international mission trip as a volunteer, but your parents have some questions. Where will you stay, who will chaperone, and how much will it cost? Here are some helpful tips for introducing your parents to the idea of letting you travel as a volunteer abroad.
November 24, 2011 by Maury Buchanan
“Mission Discovery.” He read our display logo. “I’ve not heard of you, what do you do?” Last weekend I was at a conference with 3800 youth leaders in Atlanta. At the Mission Discovery booth, Matt, a booth operator with another organization, asked the question I love answering. When I started Mission Discovery I wanted the name to explain exactly what we did. “Our mission is to discover what God is doing in the world, and simply join Him.”
August 2, 2011 by Rich Rohde
Doris Piper is a seventy nine year old widow who lives alone and cleans houses to pay her bills. She has never driven a car, never been to a doctor and never taken a pill of any kind. She is full of energy but the maintenance of her large home in Gallatin has become extremely difficult. The blue tarps on her her indicate serious roof problems. Buckets and pots scattered through her cluttered home was the best she could do to keep the inside dry. Doris began to realize that the leaky roof was too much for her to handle.
January 22, 2011 by Maury Buchanan
Camp Mission Discovery is located just 30 miles northeast of Nashville, Tennessee in the hills of Sumner County. Housing 100, the camp has a pool, gymnasium, volleyball, fishing pond, camp fire pit, dining hall and meeting room, full commercial kitchen and an outdoor pavilion with outdoor grill. Purchase as a base of Mission Discovery summer mission trip operations base, Camp Mission Discovery host church groups from all over the United States to serve the neediest residents of the county.