Please begin by reading 1 John 3:11-24

After reading Types of Love, how do you love? What is your measure of loving others? God’s love for us is a risky love. Not our risk but His. He takes a chance on loving us. The risk that He takes is that His love won’t be returned, it may not even be appreciated, or we may break His heart with our actions. But in spite of the risk He loves anyways. He takes the risk, a long shot, that maybe we will respond. But He is willing to take that chance because it is His nature to pursue relationship with His creation. He desires to be with you. And His desire is that all believers love each other and the lost in this same manner.

Types of Love
If you do what I want to do
If you act like I want you to act
If you jump through the right hoop.
This is a very Selfish love.

Because you are beautiful
Because you have done well in school
Because you love me
This a Performance based love

I see your warts and pimples
I know you are not doing what you should be
I know it will not be returned
This is the Mature kind of love… A Godly Love

Read 1 John 3:11-24
1) How does this passage describe true life?
2) What one thing can you do this week to show God’s love evident in your life?
3) Have you witnessed something this week that has broken your heart?
4) If God were standing right beside you looking at your heart, what would He say to you about the condition of your heart? (v.20)

Day 5 of 7 from the 2020 Mission Discovery Devotional