Please begin by reading 1 John 1

Johnson Civil War cave is located near Cookeville, Tennessee. During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers took refuge and hid munitions there. Now it is the frequent stop for beginning cave explorers.

The cave has twists and turns, places where you have to crawl, a perfect youth group weekend activity but one that could turn sour quickly. It did for Tom Rutherford and his youth group one weekend.

Tom and his group had explored the cave so many times, that Tom thought he would play a trick on the group. He would take another route through the cave and be waiting on the group when they turned the next corner. Tom’s plan was working, but his path narrowed to a crawl and his flashlight battery was dying. No problem! He had another battery. But when he took apart the light to insert the new battery, he heard a spring pop out of the light and hit a rock. Now totally in the dark, he felt carefully for the spring. In the dark he had to figure out how to put it back together. Meanwhile the youth group reached the entrance of the cave and waited for Tom. Several minutes passed and rescue plans were made. Two hours behind the others, Tom emerged from the cave.

The lesson: When it’s dark outside, a little light will do! God’s light is available for you this week.

Read the first chapter of 1 John. John describes God as light.

What do you think the meaning of “light” is.

How does light benefit you daily?

What part could God’s Light play in your life this week?

Day 1 of 7 from the 2020 Mission Discovery Devotional