Please begin by reading Acts 2:21, 4:12

“What did you do at school today?” an inquiring father asked his high school student. “I don’t know” replied the student. Sound familiar? I know you’ve had the same asked of you, and I’m quite certain you’ve answered similarly – at least once.

While in certain elements of our lives we might struggle to find an answer even to the simplest of questions, as Christians we provide life-changing answers to the world’s most difficult questions. What do I say? In our devotional reading we will find answers to this question.

Read Acts 2:21 and 4:12. If you were asked today why you came here to be a missionary, what helpful information is discovered in today’s ready? Mankind needs to be saved! – Saved from what or whom? Finding it difficult to come up with an answer? Here’s a clue – for a moment meditate on and celebrate your salvation. An answer will come.

Mankind must personally call out to God! God desperately wants a relationship with every person. He isn’t interested in token expressions or impersonal allegiances. Ask yourself this question: Have I personally called upon the name of the Lord? If your answer is “yes”, you have your answer to share. If “no”, you have enough information to call out right now – the answer will come quickly! (ref. Matthew 16:13-18)

No longer will you need to say, “I don’t know.” Today, as everyday, you go into the mission field with life-changing answers.

Day 2 of 7 from the 2019 Mission Discovery Devotional