Please begin by reading Acts 27

What are you taking home with you? No, we’re not talking about the bug bites, rash, sunburn, and the suitcase full of smelly clothes (Surprise mom, I’m home!). This past week has been a gift from God. He has rocked your world and shaken your heart. You experienced the pain and poverty of the poor and now ask, “How come I have so much and they have so little?” or, “Why wasn’t I born here in this poverty?”

Sometimes more is less. God introduces us to these hard situations in life to help us evaluate ourselves. You may have brought some “baggage” along on this trip that needs to be left at the foot of Calvary’s cross. Your baggage may include bad attitudes… thoughts… habits…or grudges against others. This “baggage” can become so heavy that it threatens to sink life’s ship. Baggage properly thrown overboard brings a freedom that can only come from God.

Read Acts 27:

Paul’s ship was caught in hurricane-force winds. What did the crew do to save the ship (9-19)?

God allowed Paul to go through the storm. How did he survive? (20-44)?

God allows us to go through storms too. Even though they are difficult, God promises to be with us. Write out Joshua 1:8-9.

When we experience difficulties (like on this mission trip) we can more clearly see our own “baggage.” How does 1 John 1:9 say to throw it overboard? Start throwing!

Read James 5:16. Talk with someone you trust about the new thoughts and feelings you are taking home from this mission trip.

Day 7 of 7 from the 2022 Mission Discovery Devotional