A few people have come to me recently asking about what it’s like to go on a mission trip since they’ve never gone but feel called. You may have a few questions, logistical and spiritual, that you’ve been scared to ask or just haven’t realized you even have before going on your first mission trip. Here are 4 common questions you may have about mission trips!

1. Does the cost for a Mission Discovery mission trip include travel expenses?

The cost covers travel once you get off the plane. You’ll be in charge of purchasing a plane ticket yourself. However, the cost does include all food and lodging. Once you get off the plane and find Mission Discovery staff, you won’t have to pay for a thing unless you decide to purchase anything on your day off or at a gas station during a stop. You’ll be completely taken care of!

2. Is it hard to fundraise for your trip?

No, fundraising is pretty simple! A few ideas for fundraising is to sell t-shirts, send out letters, create a “pick a number” board, have a garage sale, and more! Be creative with how you want to raise the money you need for your mission trip! Remember, people want to give so they will be blessed along with you and those you serve. Maybe offer a daily email blast during the trip in return for their donation so they will get to see their money in action! Or, if you aren’t a fan of asking others for money and would rather work for it yourself, then prepare a budget, get a job or two, and get to saving! This allows you to work while knowing you’re working for something, it blesses your time in the office, babysitting, or cooking food at a fast food restaurant.

3. Is it better to go on a stateside or international mission trip for your first mission trip?

It depends on your comfort level! If you feel prepared to go completely out of your comfort zone then international may be best for you! If you’re younger and feel like warming up to the idea of mission trips, then stateside may be better. Always remember that prayer should definitely be a part of your selection! Take a look at the options and pray over them. If one of the locations keeps popping up in your head, then that’s God speaking to you! However, you can never choose a “wrong” place to go! God is calling us to reach the nations, so just choosing to go is the “right” choice!

4. Do you have to know the language of the people you’re serving?

Nope! Even though it’s very useful to know the native language, it’s not required! There is always a way to communicate (translators, apps, natives knowing a little English, etc.), so don’t worry! You can also speak through your actions! People tend to say that God can be seen through your actions, so if you’re serving others then you’re sharing His love just through your actions! On a mission trip you’re there to serve, and if sharing your testimony or the Gospel comes up, then God will provide a means of communications and God’s name will be proclaimed!

You may have more questions about your first mission trip, and if you do, don’t be afraid to message us on Facebook! We are open ears and available to answer all your questions! See you soon on the mission field!