What to Pack for a Mission Trip

Now is a good time to start planning wardrobe essentials to bring for your summer mission trip, especially if you are going on an international mission trip. Volunteering abroad requires packing some specific items. Here are ten of the best to think about before you start to pack.

Comfortable well broken-in walking shoes

Almost every summer mission trip will require a lot of walking and even longer periods of time standing and working. A pair of tennis shoes for downtime will help relieve any discomfort from being on your feet all day.

A few favorite snacks from home

This could be protein bars, nuts, chocolate or trail mix. You never know when you will be stuck somewhere and be really hungry.

A small photo album

of your family, home, pets and hometown. It is a great conversation starter as people are always interested in your life. Just be aware of taking photos that are inappropriate, such as bikini shots at the beach, or your brand new car.

A small ziplock bag of laundry supplies

A small bottle of liquid soap for hand laundry and wet wipes for quick spot removal while you are out and about.

Basic First Aid Kit

Advil, Imodium, (for tummy troubles) vitamins, a few bandages, and some healing ointment should do the trick.

Raincoat and/or waterproof track pants

Because wet clothes are no fun.

A few favorite pillowcases

will come in handy if you are staying far from home and want a small luxury item every night!

A copy of all your paperwork

in case the originals get lost. It’s so much easier to replace documents and personal identification with direct facsimiles of the originals. This is especially important when you are a volunteer abroad.

Heavy Duty Insect Repellant

You will be so happy you did. And other people will ask to use it, so go ahead and pack two!

Sunscreen wipes

individually wrapped and available at most drug stores, these won’t leak in your luggage or bag, and you can wipe a high SPF on any time you need to.

Mission Discovery has exciting domestic and international mission trips planned for every month of the new year. Now that you know what to pack, take a look!