“Ann, we have a note on our door that the youth group wants to sell us ‘Flamingo Insurance.’ It insures us against future invasions of plastic flamingos.” I’m sure every youth leader has connected with this mission trip fundraiser. 25 plastic flamingos in your yard, a price to remove them, insurance to keep them out in the future and…..well, learn the last component below.

Here are our top 3 other Mission Discovery mission trip fundraisers!

A group headed to a Jamaica Mission Trip would be laying about 600 block to build onto a school in a needy neighborhood outside of Montego Bay. Their idea: Print pictures of blocks and sell them to equal the balance of the trip cost. Each “block” purchased was taped to a wall at church forming the outline of a house. With each row of blocks completed was an amount of dollars raised, and the amount that remained to be given to fully fund the trip. A creative way to do a giving thermometer….hmmm.

At another church the pastor had just finished his sermon. The youth leader stepped up to the microphone and notified the congregation that everyone in the parking lot had been fined for parking without permission. The youth group during the service placed a traffic-ticket-looking document on each windshield that doubled as an envelope. Some creative text offered fine amounts, and explanation of the trip and an opportunity to give by mail and pray for the team. The youth pastor also placed youth at the doors with buckets that allowed people to pay the fine before departing. The pastors car was booted and a picture was shown on the screen. People were given the opportunity to pay bigger dollars to keep the pastors car booted for the day.

Oh and of course most “Thons” raise great dollars. One church did a “Run for Missions.” The run was a 5k. There were event sponsors who had their names printed on shirts and banners. Larger sponsors amounts equaled bigger fonts. There was also an entry fee and trophy’s were awarded at the end of the event.

Oh and the “Flamingo Fundraiser?” There’s more, you can pay extra to have the flamingos placed in someone else s yard. Very nice…

Happy fundraising for your Summer Mission Trip!