Imagine going on a big mission trip. Experiences are had, memories are made, and lives are changed. Then you go back to the real world and almost forget it ever happened. You’re back to living the life you were living before the mission trip as if it never happened. But what if this was different. What if we continued to live like we were on a mission trip when we went home. We often see mission trips as these big, life-changing events that cause us to grow closer to Christ while also spreading the Gospel and His love. However, mission trips are not the only places this can happen. We are called to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth, but we tend to forget that where we are right now in our daily life is included in that commandment. Here are some ways we can continue living where we are with the mindset of being on mission.

1. Be intentional

Being intentional means doing things for a purpose. This can go into every part of your life: how you treat others, who you’re friends with, how you spend your time, and more! Being intentional can be as easy as writing an encouraging note to a friend, thanking the cashier at a store, sitting with the new person at school/work at lunch, or texting a friend when they come to mind. We are to live for Christ in every aspect of our lives, but we get distracted by Netflix and forget to smile at people in the grocery store. We have been given the ability to make relationships and spread Christ’s love. Living for Christ looks like living for others.

2. Grow in your relationship with Christ

While on a mission trip, we have to rely on Christ to work through us. This causes us to grow closer to God, but when we get home, this ends up fizzling out since we aren’t continually looking to Christ and spending time in prayer. When we return from a trip, don’t let this burst of closeness fade away! Continue to read the Bible, pray throughout the day, and look at life as a mission trip. This will help us keep that devotion to God alive and thriving. By relying wholly on Christ, we will see His will for our life more clearly and be more effective in sharing Christ’s Word!

3. Share the Gospel

It seems to be easy to share the Gospel when you’re in another country on a mission trip. However, this is something that can be integrated into our everyday lives. Glorify God in conversations with others by keeping a God-centered mindset and not being afraid to offer Biblical advice or stating how amazing God is when telling a story. When someone else talks about their promotion or good exam grade, don’t just say “congrats!”, but take that time to point to how amazing God is by saying, “that’s awesome! God is so good!” Just simple things can point to Him, and if given the opportunity we can even go on to share the Gospel with others. If someone is feeling stressed out about their future or struggling with depression or anxiety, or if the Spirit is leading you to share the Gospel, then share the Gospel! It can be scary, but remember that God is always with us!