Summertime is here and it’s never too late to plan an impromptu trip with your family. What better way to spend a vacation than by planning a family mission trip to help those in need this summer? Family mission trips are unique and have their own set of benefits compared to a solo or church mission trip. Consider these 4 reasons why family summer mission trips might be right for your family this summer.

  • Stay Local– Traveling overseas can be a very involved process. You need your passport, immunizations, plane tickets, and more. Family mission trips aren’t the only type of mission trips that can serve locally in the United States, but they do lend themselves better to local trips (and to cheap mission trips). Planning mission trips in the United States means you and your family could be only a car ride away from an amazing opportunity. Staying local for your summer mission trip can definitely help keep things simple. Sometimes cheap mission trips turn out to be the most fun!
  • Everybody Can Join– Everybody progresses in their spiritual journeys at different rates. The great thing about planning a family mission trip is that you can include everybody in your family. One child might not be at the point where he wants to go to youth group, but you can teach him the value of serving the Kingdom by including him on a mission trip. Also, family mission trips are a great opportunity to do something unique with extended family like the grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
  • Grow Together– Possibly the best reason to go on a family mission trip is the invaluable opportunity to grow together. Everybody will get to have shared experiences where a real change has been made in the world. You’ll undoubtedly create memories which will last a lifetime and serve to create a deeper bond on a spiritual level. The great joy of seeing the world change together as a family cannot be understated.
  • Make it a Vacation– You can look beyond mission trips in the United States to volunteer vacations. If you’ve built up a vacation fund, then you might want to consider planning your vacation around a mission trip opportunity. Volunteer vacations can take your family to beautiful, remote locations where you might not typically consider visiting on a vacation. For example, anybody can go to a waterpark in the day, but how many families choose to serve in Guatemala and then swim on its beautiful coastal beaches? Consider great locations like the Bahamas and Jamaica which double as wonderful family vacation spots and countries deeply in need of volunteers at the same time. Of course, family mission trips and vacations serve much different goals, but there’s no reason you can’t make the most of an opportunity in another country with your family while you’re there

Tons of life changing family mission trips are available through Mission Discovery. Search our website to find the opportunity that’s right for your family. Mission Discovery can help you prepare in practical ways, to help make your family mission trips memorable.