Six years ago I was a sophomore in high school. Sitting there in Wednesday night worship listening to several juniors and seniors talking about their recent international mission trip. I wasn’t open to going on a big mission trip like that. I was comfortable with the little mission trips I had gone on to New Orleans, Nashville, and Birmingham, but London? That was absurd. That wasn’t me. Or so I thought. I don’t know what happened or who was speaking, but all of a sudden I knew. I knew that I was going to go to London on a mission trip, and two years later that’s exactly what happened. There was no doubt in my mind that’s what God wanted from me. Instantly, the fear vanished, the confidence increased ten-fold, the anxiety diminished. I was going on an international mission trip no matter what. That’s how God spoke to me, and He speaks to everyone in many different ways. Here are a few ways that God can speak to us in everyday life.

1. Worshipping Through Song

Believe it or not, God can speak to us while we are worshipping Him! Worshipping through song is not only a way for us to communicate to Him and be in awe of who He is, but it can also assist us in helping us realize what God is trying to say to us. It’s an emotional and holy time that causes life change to occur. Worshipping through song before, during, and after going on a mission trip can ease our worries, calm our nerves, and allow us to express our feelings to Him in a way that prayer cannot. Throughout the Bible, especially in Psalms, people cry out to God through singing, and a change in circumstances, viewpoints, and lives results. You may not know exactly what God is saying, however, the Holy Spirit moves within you through song.

Here are some good worship playlists to check out:

2. Reading the Bible

This one may seem obvious. The Bible is literally God’s Word, and we have been given it in order to know more about God. We are able to go to God’s Word and see what He says about certain things. Doubting? Hurting? Tempted? Go to the Bible, and God has something to say about exactly those things and more! Sometimes these things can be directly related to exactly what you’re going through, but other times you have to look more at the morals behind what God is saying rather than the literal word-for-word direction. Reading the Bible is a great way to both spend time with Him and hear from Him, resulting in a closer relationship with Him. It’s important to know what He says so that we can know the truth and be able to detect lies. We are also called by God Himself to spread the Gospel to all nations, meaning mission trips. Whether it’s speaking to your neighbor about Christ or going across the world, we are told to go on Christ centered mission trips. Read His Word, and you’ll hear from Him.

3. Meditating While Praying

Often times I find myself blabbing about so many things while I’m speaking to God. I never let Him get a single word in. What kind of relationship is that?? A true relationship is founded on communication; not one-way communication, rather two-way communication. In prayer this looks a little different than most conversations due to God not speaking out loud to you like friends do, however that doesn’t mean He’s not speaking. God is there; the Holy Spirit is within you; He is speaking. Be still. Be silent. Listen to Him. It may be a whisper or it may be loud, but He will speak if you just listen. Sometimes you may not hear Him, and that’s alright, don’t be dismayed. He will speak to you in His own timing; His perfect timing.

Here’s a cool app that will bring you peace and focus during meditation, and allows you to keep a daily journal:

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4. Feeling an Indescribable Peace

Going back to the story from the beginning of this, when I knew that I was going to London, I had such an amazing peace about the whole situation. I felt at ease; I wasn’t worried. It made no sense. I should have been anxious and confused as to why I felt like I needed to go. But I wasn’t; I had peace. When something is right in the eyes of Christ, you’ll feel it. No, that doesn’t mean you won’t be nervous, however you will know deep down that it is right. That’s the Holy Spirit working within you. If that nervousness, uneasiness, and confusion continues, then hey, that may not be the right thing to do. Trust your gut, it may be the Spirit leading you in the correct way.

Remember, everyone’s relationship with God is different, meaning communication with Him is different for everyone. However, if you ever feel like God is leading you a certain way, but that way is against what the Bible says, then think again, that’s not Him speaking. Always check what you think you’re hearing with the Bible since that is truly the infallible Word of God. But, if you ever feel like God is calling you to a mission trip like I did six years ago, then that’s definitely Him.

“He replied, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.’”

Luke 11:28