Meet Tara Houston. She facilitates the sign-up process for hundreds of individuals and teams going on Mission Discovery mission trips around the world. From her experience she offers these tips for planning your next mission trip.

1.) Sign up early…like 8-12 months early. It pains me so to turn away the youth pastor who waited till February to sign up for a mission trip taking place in June that is now at capacity. Here at the Mission Discovery office, we begin getting phone calls and inquiries about specific mission trip dates 12-15 months in advance. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the mission trip.

2.) Carefully read all Project Packet details. While it may not compare to the most fun thing you ever do in your life, it will be the closest thing to ensuring you are aware of all imperative information regarding your mission trip…i.e., what airport to fly into, whether or not you need to pack a mosquito net, where your team will lodge, how your team will safely hydrate, what to do when a shark eating a panther eating a mongoose raids the camp (hint: offer them Gatorade)

3.) Turn in Paperwork by the D