Everybody makes mistakes. Many mistakes can be avoided by planning ahead and heeding some good advice. When it comes to going on a mission trip, there are certainly a lot of areas to make mistakes. Mission work is a blend of planning, emotions, physical work, spiritual work, and new experiences in one (often short-term) trip. Christian missions can be a lot of fun, but they’ll also stretch you to your limits. Therefore, it’s easy to see why somebody might make a mistake or two on a mission trip. Here are the 5 worst things to do on a mission trip:

  1. Overpack– The opportunity to volunteer abroad doing Christian missions work is a huge opportunity. You’ll probably be asked to fill a number of roles during your trip. However, you need to remember that you’re with a group of people and space will be limited. It’s easy to overpack when traveling on a mission trip because you want to be ready for every single situation. Go ahead and get that thinking out of your mind. You won’t be prepared for every single situation. Instead, be flexible and ready to adapt with whatever clothing and supplies you do bring. You can pack skillfully without being the person on the trip with two gigantic 80lb suitcases. Also, with a lighter suitcase, you’ll be much happier when you’re racing th