Walking into the resident pod of a respite facility for special needs children is a humbling and powerful experience. This is where my path took me a few days ago; an experience I would have never dreamed would come as a result of ministry at Mission Discovery. As I made my way from the parking lot into Jill’s House, my heart started pounding and I stopped to analyze my emotion. What was different about this place than the hundreds of new ministry locations I’ve visited? As quickly as this question made its journey through my thoughts, a calm came over my spirit. I was standing on “holy ground”. Greeted by “sold-out” staff and volunteers, this calm started taking on life. A powerful moment came as parents began to bring their special children into the facility for a weekend that promised to restore lives weary from countless hours of caregiving to these precious lives. I could see in their eyes gratitude, trust and bit of relief. As I help settle the kids into their weekend living quarters, I saw on their faces smiles of anticipation spawned from a history of fun and fulfilling experiences from the past.

Jill’s House is a magnificent respite home providing weekday and weekend services to parents and children alike. It is located in McLean Virginia in the sprawling suburbs of Washington DC. Mission Discovery will partner with Jill’s House this July 15-21, helping staff a summer day camp program for these kids. All kinds of activities will fill the week from preparing and feeding the children, providing chapel, helping kids in the pool, on the playground, in the arts & computer rooms and simply striking up friendships with kids and staff. Want a “holy-ground” experience? Stay tuned for up-coming Mission Discovery opportunities at Jill’s House.