It happens occasionally that someone I am talking with will look at me in such a way that it’s like they are looking into my heart. Most often it’s with Ann or my men’s group who know me well.

Last week a Corey stood to talk about what he was taking home with him after having served in Westmoreland, TN on a Mission Discovery trip there. He had been serving at Rick Henson’s house with his youth group from Argyle United Methodist Church. Rick and his family was one of hundreds of families whose home was flooded in here in Middle Tennessee 6 weeks ago.

The Mission Discovery team gutted his house, replacing everything from insulation, drywall, floor joist, sup-flooring and clear about 60 square yards of storm disbre.

“He looked at me,” Corey said, speaking of Rick. Corey’s voice broke as he attempted several times to say one work that came from Rick’s stare, “Appreciation.”

Rick worked hard side by side with the team, even though he suffers from a back injury.

It wasn’t that Corey needed appreciation. He gave up a week of summer break