Is The Bible Worthy?

If Hollywood jumped off a bridge, would you?

The last obstacle that stands in the way of their freedom splits as Moses raises his staff to the sky and cries out to the Heavens.  God uses the ominous “Bat Signal” in the sky to lead the way of the Israelites through the desert for the next 40 years.  My story may be getting mixed up a bit, but all of this Hollywood action makes my head spin.

Over the course of Hollywood History, we find several attempts to tell stories from the Bible.  Why?  In an industry that sucks billions of dollars out of the pockets of unsuspecting people like myself, why does the Bible continue to be a recurring influence?


The truth is this: We pay for escape.  We want our minds to be captured for a couple of hours, and only certain stories are entertaining enough to be worthy of our hard earned cash.  Many of those stories are written in a book that is constantly at our fingertips.

At any given moment, of any given day we can reach for our Suave Leather Edition New King James, or our Bible App and jump into new adventures and challenges that have been waiting for us our entire lives.  God has been using the printing press since 1439 as an invitation into a new life and understanding of Him available to almost anyone.  Never before in history have so many people had this opportunity.  And I believe it’s the best opportunity we will ever be given.  We have won the lottery, and a lot of us aren’t even scraping the surface of our winnings.

We have a chance to engage in God’s word.  If Hollywood finds value in it, can’t we?  How often are you picking up your Bible?  Are you constantly being transformed by the words on those pages?  Are they coming alive?  Do they pop out at you?

I turned 30 on Tuesday.  My goal for this year, and even this decade, is to engage with God’s word at the start of every day.  If you struggle with this, like I do,  here are some reading plans.  Let’s do this, together.