In desert conditions far from resources, the numbers grew from 1500 people to over 15,000 households in just a couple years time. There’s no wonder why Onaville, Haiti became a land of desperation. Mission Discovery teams have been working here since just after the earthquake in 2010, partnering with a local ministry to transform this place of poverty to a hillside of hope.

Onaville is a province on the outskirts of Port au Prince, Haiti. The land was given away by the government as a way to move people off of the streets after the Earthquake of 2010. The population has grown exponentially in the past eight years. Those in the community live in a desert climate at the base of a vast mountain range. Their religious beliefs can vary. Some are Christian, while others follow voodoo. Since Mission Discovery partnered with a local pastor to build churches in the area, Christianity has been spreading. People in the area can see the love of Christ through the actions of the churches being planted.

The churches being planted in Onaville are able to bring people closer to Christ by providing for their physical and spiritual needs. They are not only places to worship together, they are vessels for clean drinking water, food, medicine, and education.

It’s easy to help. Here are 5 ways to make a difference:




Whether you are an individual looking to make a difference in the world, or you have a group ready to go on a mission trip, mission discovery needs You in Haiti. There are medical trips, and construction trips. You may work on a church that has already been planted; or you may work on a brand-new church. Either way, your experience in Haiti will be life changing for you and for the people you serve. CLICK HERE to find your trip.




If you are with a church that wants to make an impact on the global Kingdom for Christ, consider partnering with Mission Discovery to plant a church in Onaville. We are currently seeking donations for Onaville Church 9. Each church costs $25,000 to build and comes with a clean water station for the community and provides for the salary of the pastor for three years. Email [email protected] to get started.




Maybe you are an individual who cannot come to Haiti, but you want to be involved in the transformation of this community. If you cannot go, send someone or donate to the cause. Email [email protected] to see where your donation could be most useful.




Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children program provides for the educational needs of children in this community. Just $30 a month can ensure a child receives a quality education and the attention of a loving teacher every day. CLICK HERE to get involved.




As Christians, we believe in the power of prayer. If not for those faithful followers of Christ who continually pray for the community of Onaville every day, the progress that has been made would not have been. Mission Discovery teams have seen people this area grow closer to Christ throughout the years, and we need everyone to pray that it continues.


The efforts of Mission Discovery and local ministry partners are far from over. Together, we are believing that every knee in Onaville will bow, and every tongue in the community will confess their love of Jesus Christ in the coming months and years. This church planting movement is Spirit-driven and has shown tremendous results in the lives of people in the community. The gospel is spreading as more churches are planted. Will you join us?