There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you’ve played a role in bringing a contractor from Long Island, NY to the island city of Port au Prince, Haiti.

In October, 25 others from NY, joined him to minister at New Life Children’s Home (NLCH), home to 117 precious lives. When first introduced to this ministry, I was told that everyone I would lay eyes has a story to tell. The common thread weaving these stories together is how NLCH rescued each individual from the brink of death and nurtured them back to physical, emotional and relational health. In the process of healing, all have been introduced to the love of God and most have received the greatest of all healings… relationship to God through Jesus Christ.

The team from NY played a major role in the on-going ministry of NLCH. A guest house was constructed, enlarging the facility to receive teams to help the staff of the Home. Sidewalk preparation, painting and repair of existing buildings, sorting the many donated items received at NLCH, and a varied array of activity rounded out the week’s experience there.

However, for all the activity listed above, the greatest is the interaction with the children who call NLCH their home. For each team member, the most memorable moments during the week was not the hours swinging a hammer or on the back end of a shovel, but time spent sharing in the simple events of the day with children hungry for love.

This is what makes my vantage point sacred and cherished. I’ll never cease to thank the Lord for the “front row seat” he has ushered me to!