“She continues to trust God that one day she will see!” In her 60’s she came to our medical clinic with one request. “I’m blind.” Rachelle wrote the information on a piece of paper, prayed for her, and walked her to a waiting medical staff. Cataracts, simple to cure here in the U.S., but in Haiti a different story. This is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and here everything is difficult. From the what should be simple task of getting fresh drinking water to just navigating a vehicle across town to the public hospital where, unless you are in line by 8 am, you will not see a doctor that day.

Last week a Mission Discovery medical team in partnership with Texas-based 26:12 conducted mobile medical clinics in Port au Prince, Haiti and spent one day at General Hospital downtown serving the poor. Over 650 came to seek help for conditions ranging from malaria, head aches, worms, scabies, wounds, infections, chest pain, stress, shortness of breath, TB, and ill