On January 12th Haiti was rocked by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. The capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding communities and cities to the south and south west were devastated. I was in Port-au-Prince
two weeks after the quake with Maury Buchanan, Mission Discovery’s
president, Jimmy Rivera, Mission Discovery’s vice-president, and Dr.
Cherelus Exanté, President of New Haitian Mission Baptist Association.
What we saw with our own eyes was hard to believe – devastation
everywhere – heartache and pain in every eye. Yet, hope in God and his
love was present.

Mission Discovery is committed to helping our brothers and sisters in Haiti recover. We have been working in Haiti
since 1999. We have a history and a future there. Please continue to
pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters and give as you can to the

HOLD the children Schools Haiti and HOLD the children Home were not damaged by the quake. We are shipping extra beds and supplies from Miami to Port-de-Paix in order to help children orphaned and displaced by the quake. Our HOLD the children school in Jamaica, the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf, has graciously given from their school budget to help the children in Haiti. “Action expresses priorities” (M.G.).

you for your continued support and prayers for your child. It means so
much – especially at this time of extreme difficulty in