Hector wants us to film him jumping on the back of the bus. It’s the kind of thing any 13 year old would want to show off. As he climbs on the bus, he goes straight to the window seat in the fourth row from the back on the right side. That’s his seat. Hector’s hour-long commute to school has begun. Each day Hector travels to Antigua in order to continue his education. His parents aren’t making him go. Most of his family has chosen to work at the local green bean farm instead of getting an education. Hector wants something different for his life.

In March Mission Discovery filmed a short film series that highlighted Hector’s story as well as the people in his life who are trying to help him achieve something different.

The hope of a better life because of education is an idea that is being nurtured by the staff of the Jeremiah Project. Every child at the Jeremiah Project receives a hot lunch and tutoring services. As children at the Jeremiah Project make progress, directors Nancy and Josué Lemus are able to help place them in a school. Nancy and Josué are quick to say that their work is making a difference. The lives of about 60 kids are being impacted on a daily basis. Through a ministry of consistency, they are helping a new