Travel with me to Africa and you’ll leave saying; “DREAMS DO COME TRUE!”

A few years ago on my first visit Africa, I stumbled on the mountain village of Bulembu Swaziland. At the time, I marveled at the vision of men and woman who could dream a virtual ghost town into a thriving haven for children left in the wake of the AIDS epidemic prevalent throughout Swaziland.

I’m drawn to God-sized dreams planted deeply in the hearts of ordinary individuals whose sole purpose is to be bearers of God’s love and heart. Last month (August 2010), I was once again ushered to a front-row seat to witness how God works.

On the next to last day of a 10 day Mission Discovery trip in Swaziland, 5 of us broke off from a team serving in Bulembu to visit pastor Simon and his work in Cork, South Africa. Skirting the edge of Kruger Park, our journey led us to something individuals from the US rarely get to experience – a refuge camp. The inhabitants of Cork are primarily comprised of families fleeing their countries to find a safety in South Africa. Most do not have proper paperwork to seek employment, contributing to living conditions beyond comprehension. Mission Discovery has been invited to return to the village to provide basic medical assistance, help in the on-going construction needs of pastor Simon’s ministry and to share the love of Jesus with this needy community.

Just when we thought the day was over, a “random” stop led to even more ministry opportunities in a neighboring Hazyview. At both stops were the familiar threads of visits like these…Children…and lots of them. Pastor Simon struggles daily to meet the needs of the desperate and the ladies we met at our “random” stop were simply praying that God would provide care-givers for dying friends, all dream of simple men and women who opened their eyes to the hurting world around them.

Many additional stories help complete the tapestry of my most recent visit to Africa. In each case, I heard their vision, hopes and aspirations. Hanging on each word, I soon realized their dreams far exceeded their current circumstances. Their stories were filled with both the pain and privilege of their journey. As with the staff of Bulembu, I applaud the dedication and tenacity to follow their dreams. Without exception their efforts result in restored HOPE in children whose dreams have been previously shattered.

Equally impressive is the effect that these ministries have on the lives of visitors like me. One of the joys of my life is to wander in this world accompanied by others who desire to leave a footprint of service behind, which they accomplish in grand fashion. However, to see the experience awaken dreams deep within their heart, always fills me with a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Want to dream again? Take a journey with Mission Discovery into our world. See what God is up to, rub shoulders with fellow—dreamers and experience the power of God to turn you dreams into reality. DREAM BIG MY FRIENDS!