We are seldom satisfied with the speed in which our hopes and desires play out in life. We want things done – and we want them done NOW! In the past year my path has crossed through Haiti and number of times. Without exception, I’ve sensed this inner conflict while viewing Port au Prince out my airplane window, winging my way back home – UNTIL LAST WEEK!

I was encouraged during my recent visit to Port au Prince to see a gradual recovery taking place. People are slowly moving out of the tent cities to permanent residences outside the city. Is it fast enough? No, not from my vantage point. It is estimated there are at least 1.5 million displaced people with nowhere to call home. Too many, too slowly? Yes, for my liking and yet there is a new sense of hope that I have not experienced in previous visits.

Without a doubt the housing situation continues to the be the biggest need for the folks there and God is making opportunities for Mission Discovery to investigate how we might play a part.

Interested? Look at the Haiti Disaster Relief projects on this page, pray about your involvement, and see what God might do to bring hope home for those in Port au Prince.