When we think of missionaries, we too often think only of the ones who volunteer abroad. It can be difficult to imagine people in need in America - a country which seems so familiar. That’s why it’s so important to take part in mission work on our own soil. Domestic mission trips - like this youth mission trip to Nashville, Tennessee - can give us important perspective on our own lives.

With its famous musicians, recording studios, and professional sports teams, Nashville has a glamorous image. But Nashville also has a need for mission work, and that need can be found just a short walk from downtown. In 2010, the city suffered nearly two billion dollars in damages after the Cumberland River’s historic flood. Four years later, the clubs on Lower Broadway, the Titans’ stadium, and the symphony center have all been repaired. But great need still exists in the communities just east of the river.

When you experience this side of Music City, you’ll find the same thing you might if you were to volunteer abroad: You'll find homes and hearts are in equal need of repair. And there are plenty of opportunities for missionaries to get involved and to share the love of Christ. You might help to lead programs for children at the local community center, or maybe you’ll repair rotted porches and wheelchair ramps that were damaged by the flood. You could even serve by joining a program that feeds people who are in need.

Of course, you can also check out some of the attractions that have made Music City famous. But don’t be surprised if it’s the relationships you build while serving that truly put a song in your heart.

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