Is a family mission trip on your to-do list? There are great reasons to pull your family together for a Mission Discovery family mission trip. Here are just 3 of those reasons.

First of all simply imagine the benefits to you as a family as you serve together. It never fails that when families serve together they experience each other in new ways. They see gifts, talents and strengths surface for the first time.

Secondly, every family mission trip is a classroom. A family mission trip connects you personally to the work of a missionary who values you and your family and what you are doing to foster the long term vision. You become partners in a vision to meet physical and spiritual needs of those you serve.

Lastly, every Mission Discovery family mission trip puts a family in the middle of meeting deep needs of the world. In that experience you may discover that you and your family have been given much more than you gave!

Here’s a sample of a Family Mission Trip in Tennessee! Sign up today!