A family vacation can be a great way to grow closer to your children. However, there are more extraordinary ways to spread the good news of the kingdom of God than from a theme park.

A family mission trip is a vacation with a purpose. By spreading His word in unfamiliar territory, kids have the ability to connect to different cultures and people. Exposing your family to new experiences at a young age can help shape their compassion and bring awareness of God’s reach.

The educational benefits to the children who go on mission trips are endless. By meeting new people, kids learn new cultures, languages, and traditions – experiences they are not exposed to at home. Watching their parents and other members of the church serve others and spread His Glory sets a great example to young people for the compassion and empathy all parents hope to see in their children.

Families as a unit benefit from family mission trips, as well. Without distracting devices, families spend more time engaging with each other during the journey, opening the door to more faith-based conversations. The exposure to another life is a great opportunity for your family to build their faith together. A mission trip is one family vacation that your family will cherish forever.

With a Mission Discovery trip, all your planning is taken care of. Food, lodging, transportation, and daily itinerary are taken care of, taking a load off your back. At Mission Discovery, we have curated short-term mission trips specifically for families to participate in. These trips include daily work assignments suitable for younger ages, such as hosting a Vacation Bible School, visiting a children’s home, painting, and more.