Being an orphan with special needs in Haiti doesn’t come with many promises.  It’s a nation fraught with extreme poverty.  Food is scarce and people will travel miles to get water for the day.  In general, people in Haiti don’t have much, but Chinaido is different, he has a hashtag.

And a YouTube video.  And photos of him visiting with his friends from all over the world floating around the internet.  Chinaido was no ordinary child.  He was disabled.  He was an orphan with little hope of ever being adopted.  The cards were stacked against him.  But he had a smile that instantly let any visitor know – they weren’t a visitor, they were at home, with Chinaido.

He passed away just about a week ago.  Immediately photos and videos went up on the internet.  The hashtag #FriendsOfChinaido was born.  And as a whirlwind of grief and mourning went up on Facebook, I felt my mouth drop.  I was in complete amazement at how many lives this Haitian child had impacted.

Do handicapped, Haitian, orphaned children have the power to impact the world?


They absolutely have the power to impact the world and change lives.  Chinaido is an example of how limitless God is when it comes to our hearts.

A fascinating part of Chinaido’s story, is that he may have never known his significance.  I believe he does now, but while he was living, I’m not sure he knew the impact he had, and that didn’t stop him from having one.  He went on, gracing the lives of all those around him.  He will forever be remembered.

Every once in a while we come across people in life who show us how to live with true joy.  Sweet Chinaido was one of those examples for everyone who had the chance to hang out with him at New Life Children’s Home in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  #FriendsOfChinaido  –  Amanda Stahl
I had the incredible pleasure of meeting this sweet dude on my trip to Haiti last month.  Although I only spent a week with him, he filled my time with an amazingly pure joy that I’ve not found anywhere else.  I am completely heartbroken to learn of his passing earlier today.  May angels lead you in, Chinaido. 
#FriendsOfChinaido  –  Joseph Clark