She pulled him away from his quiet little seat in the back corner of the room. It was obvious things like this didn’t happen often for him. He was content sitting in his corner. In his mind, that’s where he belonged. But she had another plan for him. This was the night that she would wash his feet.

CJ is a mentally handicapped child that attends Victory Christian Fellowship in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He was born with a disease and will die with it. There is no cure. He is loved on by those around him. He is a favorite of our Mission Discovery teams because he knows how to love back.

I have seen his face many times. He is often smiling and finding entertainment in the simple things. But I have never seen his face light up like it did that night. He was being invited into what was happening. A foot-washing service. And though he probably didn’t have any idea of what was going on, the invitation was enough. She just reached out, grabbed his hand and pulled him to the front. He didn’t belong in the corner. He belonged in the water.

Sometimes I forget where I belong. Just when I start getting comfortable sitting in the shadows, Christ reaches for me and pulls me forward. I don’t belong in the shadows, I belong in the water.

When I read the story about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, I am reading a story about twelve other people. I have to remember, that Christ not only wipes my sins away, but He wants to wash my feet.

Yes, that rabbi who changed the world FOREVER would wash my feet. Who the heck am I? What the heck am I doing?

Why me?

Because Grace. Because Love. Because I belong with Christ and I will never understand the measures that He takes to be connected with me.

CJ could have refused to go with Sarah. He could have stayed in his corner seat where he felt safe. Instead, he was brave and walked the aisle to the front of the room.

Are you brave enough to take the hand of Christ, and to walk with Him down the aisle? Would you get your feet wet? Or are you content being wrapped into the shadows? Have they become your home?

Where do you belong?