Summer mission trips require a lot of preparation. You’ll need a passport, immunizations (depending on where you travel), culture lessons, language lessons, fundraising, and more. However, don’t overlook the fact that involving your parents would alleviate some of the trip prep pressure. Since you need their blessing to volunteer abroad, consider these simple steps to get your parents involved in your next summer mission trip:

  • Educate- Your missionary work might take you to somewhere that your parents have never heard of before. Many mission trip opportunities will include some planning meetings. These meetings will usually cover logistics about the trip, information about the country, and daily activity planning. Invite your parents to these meetings so they can become more familiar with where you’re going and what you’ll be doing on your mission trip. Helping your parents understand all about your trip will make it easier for them to help you prepare.
  • Introduce– Mission trips for teenagers usually involve some generous, altruistic adults to lead the trip. The adults who are volunteering to help with the trip are invaluable for the success of the trip. Make sure your parents get introduced to the adults who are going on your trip with you. Parents can find peace in meeting the responsible adults who will be watching over their kids. Your missionary work can be a lot less nerve-racking for you parents if you let them put names with faces.
  • Share– All of the preparation in the world won’t matter much if your parents don’t understand why you’re looking forward your mission trip opportunity. Share your heart and passion for serving God with them. Tell them how you’re anticipating the trip to help you grow spiritually. Don’t take lightly the opportunity to involve your parents on your journey by regularly praying together as a part of your preparation for the trip. Taking this step to share your passion with your parents will help them take seriously your intentions for wanting to volunteer abroad.
  • Prepare– Missionary work requires a lot of basic planning. Bring your parents along with you as you go to the store to buy a new backpack and shoes for the trip. Let them help you think about any supplies you might be overlooking. Your parents want to set you up for success. They will likely be very excited that you want to include them in your preparation to volunteer abroad. They will know that they were able to help you be as prepared as possible for your trip.

Basically, you can’t involve your parents enough when preparing for mission trip opportunities.Your parents love you and possibly have been on many mission trips of their own. Follow these simple steps, and preparing your parents for your summer mission trip will be much easier.

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