Is your friend, coworker or family member going on an international mission trip this summer? Perhaps you’re wondering how you can support them by choosing a special gift to show your encouragement. Last week we talked about giving gifts to children in developing countries. From a monetary donation to a personalized gift, mission trip volunteers always appreciate the gesture. You can show your support in lots of ways. Here are five of the best!

Flashlight – Battery operated or kinetic, a small flashlight is always handy to have when you are a mission trip worker. Don’t forget to include a spare bulb and battery if required.

Journal – It’s rare to see people recording their experiences in an actual book these days! And it’s unlikely that a missionary will have access to their personal device or computer, so a hard cover journal for writing in is a great gift idea.

Battery charger – This will be used by everyone on the mission trip! You can buy a solar powered charger for specific battery sizes or choose a traditional plug-in charger instead. Stock up on spare rechargeable batteries and even include a case to store it in.

International power converter – These little plug-ins are so useful for travelers. Use it to run a hairdryer, charge a phone, or recharge reusable batteries. This gift will get a lot of use now and on future mission trips.

Camera – Every missionary wants to record moments from their time as a volunteer abroad, but they may not want to take their expensive digital camera. A disposable camera is a great alternative. You could even offer to have the film developed and copied for your friend to share with their team after the mission trip is over.

Mission Discovery can help you and your friends or family members prepare for a mission trip in practical ways, to make your mission trip safe, memorable and fun.