On every Mission Discovery trip we begin the morning together in God’s word. One speaker is chosen to give the word of the day so that everyone else can meditate on the Scripture. Our hope is that volunteers engage in group discussion throughout the day and in their small groups.

Since the way ministry is being done has shifted, our goal is to serve by creating resources that will help others focus on God throughout the day, and influence family and small group discussion.

Join us every weekday as we explore God’s word together. We will have speakers from all over the US and the world. Here is today’s Kickstart Devotional.


Video: Kate Henson // He Hears our Prayers


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God Hears Our Cry

Good morning everybody. My name is Kate Henson. I live in Boerne, Texas, northwest of San Antonio, and I’ve been serving with Mission Discovery since 2015. Most recently I helped lead a project in Guatemala with the Aggie men’s club.

I was most fortunate to be able to go on that trip right before the quarantine was enacted. So we were blessed to be able to do that. But this morning I wanted to give you a little devotional, kind like how we do our kick starters in the morning on a mission trip. So this comes from the Book of Genesis.

I’ve been reading Genesis this month and in chapter 21 it talks about how Abraham sent Hagar away with Ishmael. And in verse 15 it talks about Abraham who sent her with bread and a skin of water and put it on her shoulder and sent her away. In verse 15, it says, “When the water in the skin was gone, she put the boy under one of the bushes. Then she went off and sat down about a bowshot away, for she thought, “I cannot watch the boy die.” And as she sat there, she began to sob. God heard the boy crying, and the angel of God called to Hagar from heaven and said to her, “What is the matter, Hagar? Do not be afraid; God has heard the boy crying as he lies there. Lift the boy up and take him by the hand, for I will make him into a great nation.” Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water. So she went and filled the skin with water and gave the boy a drink.”

So this passage as I was reading it I was thinking about Hagar and her cry to God for help.

There are a lot of you that are very worried right now and very distressed, and I’m hoping that you’re crying out to God for help too. But what happens after that? God responds and he responds by saying what troubles you? Fear not. And I keep thinking about the promises of God’s faithfulness and how he always takes care of us.

And I think we need to fear not more and let our troubles not consume us because when our worry starts to consume us our attitude changes. And right now in quarantine I don’t know about you, but man when attitudes get sour the whole environment can get bad, and everybody gets to be in a bad mood.

I think you’ve heard of the phrase when mommy happy and nobody happy. Well right now if nobody is happy aint nobody happy.

So I want you to think about the attitudenthat you have toward your trouble right now or whatever it is that is causing worry. And I want you to take that worry and line it up with what Scripture tells us about how faithful God is in caring for us. And if it’s something that you shouldn’t be worrying about because you know that God is going to take care of you, then you need to let it go.

He is faithful, and He’s going to care for us. And speaking of matters of faith, I was also planting some bulbs this morning, and as I was putting bulbs into the ground, I was thinking of a quote by Elizabeth Elliot, and she says, “Don’t dig up and in doubt what you planted in faith.” It’s so important to remember to keep faith during this time. And more now than ever.

So keep going, keep praying, keep encouraging each other to keep the faith. God is up to something amazing right now in all this process of hardship. So don’t dig up and out what you planted in faith. Remember God’s promises. Remember that he hears. God hears you when you cry out. So continue to pray and cry out to him and encourage one another and keep the faith.