Today is a special day. Today “Help Portrait” Day. Where photographers from all over the world are giving their time to serve the needy, single moms, and those who have never had a professional portrait. I was founded by Jeremy Cowart, some of you who have been on Mission Discovery mission trips know his brother Mike Cowart (himself an awesome photographer) who has led worship for us for many years.

This day grabs my heart especially today because both Mike and Jeremy were students in my youth group at Hendersonville Chapel in the mid 80’s. I am so proud of many of these great kids, now adults, who have continued to touch the world with their gifts. Jeremy is one of them. Hat’s off the the parenting skills of Mike Sr. and Esther, Jeremy’s parents. He was listening wasn’t he? Watch this promo video for “Help Portrait” featuring Jeremy explaining this day. Get the tissue, it is very touching.

My daughter n law, a professional photographer, is out today in downtown Nashville volunteering her time. Thanks for inspiring the world Jeremy to serve the poor in a unique way!