This is the 200 envelope challenge. It's one of the simplest fundraisers for groups of any size to accomplish. In the end, your group will raise $20K. But, that's not the best part. 200 people will become your group's support team through prayer and financial partnership. Follow these simple steps for an incredibly simple fundraising journey.

1. Buy 200 Envelopes

Security envelopes that hide the contents are best. People will be randomly picking envelopes and you don't want them to see what's on the inside.

2. Cut and Number 200 Pieces of Paper

Your cuts don't even need to be straight! Just cut out 200 pieces of paper and number them 1-200. Fold them in half and seal each one in its own envelope. Keep your envelopes in order for now.

3. Let the Games Begin

People will draw a random envelope. Whatever number they draw is the amount they should donate. You can divide your envelopes among your team members, or make higher and lower tiers to ensure people can afford to donate. You make the rules.

4. Your Adventure Awaits

People all over the world are in need of seeing the Gospel in action. This simple fundraiser requires a little work, but in the end, people will see Christ at work in you and your team. Reach out to Mission Discovery if you have any questions.

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