So you have committed to an international summer mission trip, and you’re excited about planning your time as a volunteer abroad. Things like organizing fundraising, deciding what to pack, getting to know your team members and youth leaders are probably occupying your thoughts right now!

Know who else is thinking about this amazing adventure 24/7? Your parents. It’s understandable, really, when you consider they probably didn’t let you date or drive until very recently, and especially if you want to visit a foreign country for an international mission trip where it’s only natural that you won’t know local customs, languages, or your way around.

It’s important to respect their concerns and prepare some answers to the questions they have about your summer mission trip. Some of the most common queries from parents are:

Where will you stay? Collect as much information as you can about your destination, and provide details such as lodging, proximity to major cities, hospital and clinic contact numbers and of course, if there is an American embassy or consulate in the country you’re visiting.

Who will chaperone? Name, address, background check, your folks will want to know everything about your youth leader and any other adults acting as chaperones.

How much will it cost? Give Mom and Dad a reasonable breakdown of your costs and ask them to help you raise funds. They might have more pull with Aunties and Grandparents than you thought!

Is your location a safe one? Be realistic and honest here. Do some research and present your parents with a personal safety game plan. Let them talk about their concerns, and don’t roll your eyes if they want to double check everything to keep you safe. That’s their job!

Your time as a volunteer abroad on a summer mission trip will be a life changing experience.

Mission Discovery takes care of the details, such as lodging, food, worship, and travel documentation. We can also help you find a summer and/or international mission trip that is a great match for your skills, abilities and budget. We are not your parents, but we will take care of you.