Today our hearts are heavy as we reflect on the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Beryl in Jamaica. This category four storm, one of the most powerful to ever hit the country, swept along the southern coast, leaving behind a trail of destruction that has deeply affected our beloved island.



Impact of Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl brought relentless winds and more than 12 hours of heavy rain, severely impacting communities across Jamaica. The storm’s forceful winds and dangerous storm surges have led to significant damage to homes, infrastructure, and agriculture. Reports indicate widespread power outages, impassable roads, and the heartbreaking loss of homes and livelihoods.


Response and Recovery Efforts

Despite the challenges brought by Hurricane Beryl, we are grateful to report that our ministry partners are safe, albeit dealing with the aftermath of damaged trees and some minor setbacks. The resilience of the Jamaican people shines through as they begin to assess and rebuild in the wake of this disaster.

Moving Forward Together

At Mission Discovery, we are committed to standing with our partners in Jamaica during this difficult time. We are exploring ways to support recovery efforts, collaborating with local leaders, and assessing the most urgent needs. Your continued prayers, support, and donations will make a significant impact as we work together to provide relief and assistance to those affected.


Hope Remains

In moments of crisis, the strength of Christ’s community and compassion shines brightest. Let us continue to hold Jamaica and all those affected in our thoughts and prayers. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters as they rebuild and recover from Hurricane Beryl. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our mission.