Today (8/28/2017) in a Bloomberg News’ article written with assistance by Katherine Chiglinsky

“Harvey’s cost could mount to $30 billion when including the impact of relentless flooding on the labor force, power grid, transportation and other elements that support the region’s energy sector,” Chuck Watson, a disaster modeler with Enki Research, said in an email Monday. That would place it among the top eight hurricanes to ever strike the U.S. David Havens, an insurance analyst at Imperial Capital, said the final tally might be as high as $100 billion.

Less than a third of Harvey’s losses are likely to be insured, Watson said.

Mission Discovery adult teams will respond with God’s hand of compassion in impacted areas of Houston and Corpus Christi. This is an adult only effort at this time. You may need to provide your own housing in the form of a tent or motor home and be prepared with your own food supply for up to 5 work days.

With over 20 years of mission trip experience Mission Discovery volunteers have been part of Hurricane Andrew, Sandy and Katrina recovery effort