It wasn’t uncommon for us to keep a record of the oldest person that had ever served with us at Mission Discovery on a short term mission trip, but now day’s it’s the other way around. So far the youngest paying participant on a Mission Discovery mission trip has been 3 years old! Ok, he actually didn’t pay, but his parents did on what has become a regular part of our mission trip planning-Family Mission Trips!

Today families are looking for a way to not only experience culture but to serve with meaningful impact. Thanks to good planning, age appropriate work, a family who wants to make a difference in the world can join a Mission Discovery family mission trip.

Recently on a Mission Discovery family mission trip in South Texas parents built a porch for a family in need and their children painted as high as they could reach. Each evening we worshiped together and share stories of how we saw God at work that day.

For information on Mission Discovery Family Mission Trips call our office 800-767-8720 or 615-206-0555. See the Promo Video