Two years ago I was sitting on a porch with a hand full of adults on a Mission Discovery trip in Jamaica. By Wednesday a few coffee drinkers had discovered my small coffee press operation that yielded 2 cups of Blue Mountain coffee and sought a cup.

In the mix of these adult men and women coffee seekers the conversation turned to a new topic for me, “Maury, have you ever considered a mission trip for women only?,” Joanie asked.

Answer a question with a question, right? I asked Joanie what she visualized for women specifically on a mission trip in Jamaica. She offered a few suggestions, but my brain began to buzz with ideas of what a mobilized group of ladies could do in a focused ministry effort

I imagined a women’s conference, where ladies would reciprocally share insights for strengthening marriages, or single living or teaching a craft that for a Jamaican woman could become a trade. I imagined exhausted women arriving in Jamaica, but leaving with a renewed hope of returning home to bring the Kingdom of God to their own home towns! I saw them form a committee at the end of the week to pick another destination for next years work! I saw small groups of ladies praying for young women broken in tears. I saw old and young, slow and fast all together.

I saw a place for women to experience the Kingdom of God, peace, justice, purpose and refreshment. I saw women from the U.S. or Canada connecting with the needy of Jamaica. I mean deeply connecting.

Ann, my wife, said “I like your idea!” I had hoped she would! I emailed a friend in Austin and she said she would love to help plan the week. Soon another joined in the planning.

Well the first women’s mission trip is in the books. Last October 43 ladies participanted in the week-long trip. The ladies lead a women’s conference in Barrett Hall, a community outside Montego Bay and served at an orphanage, a deaf school and a Christian pre-school during the daytime. This year you’ll stay in a hotel that overlooks Montego Bay. You’ll spend your days helping to bring a fresh coat of paint to our Hold The Children schools in Barrett Hall and Eden, Jamaica.

You’ll spend time at an orphanage caring for children between 1 day old and 7. And you’ll spend some needed time with God in worship in the evenings, get to know other ladies from around the U.S. And have a great day off to shop in a traditional market and swim in the warmth of the Caribbean! Join the team!

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