Last year I was sitting on a porch with a hand full of adults on a Mission Discovery trip in Jamaica. By Wednesday a few coffee drinkers had discovered my small coffee press operation that yielded 2 cups of Blue Mountain coffee and sought a cup.

In the mix of these adult men and women coffee seekers the conversation turned to a new topic for me, “Maury, have you ever considered a mission trip for women only?,” Joanie asked.

Answer a question with a question, right? I asked Joanie what she visualized for women specifically on a mission trip in Jamaica. She offered a few suggestions, but my brain began to buzz with ideas of what a mobilized group of ladies could do in a focused ministry effort. I thought of my old friend Jackie Kendall, who may be reading this now, and how she would be a great speaker. She’s a writer, funny, and great communicator. I don’t know Twila Paris, but imagined her singing each night. I imagined a women’s conference