C.M. Newton, then a basketball coach for the University of Alabama was asked how his team “played to win.” His response was interesting and helps explain in a small sense why a team of 30 medical professionals might just make a difference among hundreds of thousands of hurting people in Port au Prince, Haiti.

When coach Newton was asked how he “played to win” he answered, “We don’t play to win, but rather do the things on the court that lead to a win.”

With large agencies and small alike on the ground in Haiti, it’s easy to figure out that we are one of the small ones. While we may not possess the trucks and machinery to move tons of disbre, we can team with others to make dents in the landscape of the disaster left by the January 12th earthquake.

That’s what we will do with a team of doctors and nurses there October 16 to 22. Dentist, medical doctors, physical therapists, and nurses are joining hands from one single church congregation to simply join in the effort of ‘doing those things that lead to a win.’

While the medical team is busy on one side of town, another Mission Discovery team of adults will be building homes on another.

Each small effort brings Haiti to a better place, but these teams give more than medical attention. Life demands that we not settle for just healing the body, but listen also and respond to those who seek God. This exchange is always reciprocal.

Mission Discovery mobilizes individuals and groups to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the world’s poor.

Pictured in this article is Rev. Noel Gespere, host pastor of our medical team that will work at his church near 3 tent communities of approximately 7,000 people displaced by the earthquake.