Read Jonah 2:1-10 There was no way to prepare for the news John would soon receive. While recording a song in Jacksonville, FL, he got the call.

Several of his friends had been in a car accident and his best friend, Steve, didn’t make it out alive. John was confused and hurt. The next morning he had a conversation with God fueled by his own anger and desperation. Out of that conversation, John Mark McMillan wrote a song called “How He Loves”.

It went on to top the charts of Christian radio. When he describes the love he wrote about he says, “It’s not pretty, it’s not clean, it’s not a Hollywood hot pink love.” It’s a love that sinks into things that are messy and gross. This song is a celebration of a God that wants to hang with us through our anger, resentment, and frustration. Despite who we are He wants to be a part of our lives and communities. Because of John’s painful conversation with God, we now have words to sing when we need to be reminded of God’s unending love for us. When we sing worship songs like this one, we are borrowing words from the writer and praying them for ourselves.

Jonah is desperate and cries out