The Bold Adventure

7 months of extreme mission and discipleship! Discover what God is doing in the world and be a part of His great story. The Bold Adventure by Mission Discovery could be your next step into a life of serving the Kingdom!

The Bold Adventure is a Discipleship Program that connects Adventure Seekers with creation, the Creator, and the most experienced and knowledgable missionaries in the world.

Our Bold Adventurers will spend 7 months traveling to different areas of the world. Each month is dedicated to a different project in a different city. We partner with incredible missionaries who are making noticeable change in the lives they serve. If anyone is looking for a way to step into the calling they have as a missionary, you have found your answer. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

A Bold Adventurer Is…

An Explorer

We will spend 7 months in 7 different locations throughout the world. The Bold Adventure is about discovering ourselves and taking root in the Kingdom of God. The team will learn what it means to follow Christ into places filled with people that are desperate for things we often take for granted such as food, water, clothing, shelter and love.

A Servant

Whether we are mixing concrete in Jamaica, holding orphans in Guatemala, or staffing a Christian Hostel in Amsterdam, we will make excellent service a priority. We are joining with some of the best missionaries in the world and partnering with what God is doing wherever we are. Our attitude will be a reflection of one thought – It’s not about me.

A Storyteller

Each adventurer is asked to write out their story before we hit the road, and be ready to share it whenever the opportunity presents itself. The best proof of God we have is our story. Every Bold Adventurer will have a blog on they will keep updated throughout their journey. The team will be stocked with 7-10 people, but the world will join via writings of the team’s blogs.

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