If you live west of the Mississippi and love taking road trips, we’ve got a mission trip just for you! Tecate is located in Mexico and the total driving distance from LA is 163 miles. It’s close to many places in California and Arizona. No plane necessary! It’s a great opportunity for you or your youth group if you have a desire to go on a mission trip but have been waiting because of financial constraints. Or maybe you don’t want to travel too far from home.

Here are some benefits of road tripping to your mission trip to Mexico:


1. Save Money

Maybe you wanted to join us for one of our mission trips before but you just couldn’t afford it? Or maybe it’s the first time you are considering going for a mission trip but are operating on a low budget? Well, the good news is this mission trip is very affordable! Traveling as a group helps bring travel expenses down. Many groups fly to San Diego and travel to Tecate via the Mission Discovery bus. But taking a road trip from LA or other places in California will make the trip a lot more affordable.

Furthermore, we fundraise on an annual basis to raise support. God has blessed us with wonderful partners who are always passionate to support the work God is doing in Tecate. The funds we raise cover many of the expenses, which allows us to attach a subsidized fee for the trip. Apart from travel to and from Tecate, we also provide you with great accommodations as well as all meals while on the trip. So you’ll be taking a road trip without having to worry about paying for hotel rooms or where to eat.


2. Enjoy the Sites

Traveling by road to Tecate, Mexico may not be as fast as flying, but it has its perks. Even though the trip may be quick, the sights and sounds you will experience are unforgettable. You will enjoy going through the relaxed coastal towns like Huntington Beach, New Port, and Oceanside. Anaheim – home to Disneyland – also falls on the route.

There are plenty of interesting sites on the way. For instance, the famous LEGOLAND California theme park, the Laguna Art Museum – the only museum in California that exclusively displays art from Californian artists, and the international surfing museum. If you love great architecture, the Wayfarers chapel will be an unforgettable treat. Other sites on the way include the Crystal Cove state park, the Blacks Beach and the New Port Beach Pier. And last but not least, there is the scenic ocean view that spans for miles. You will get to relish the warm ocean breeze as you enjoy the view of the waves of the blue and white waters.

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3. Hang out in San Diego

San Diego is the most popular destination along this route and we cannot afford to bypass it. Stopover here and do some sightseeing. Old town is a famous attraction for tourists who are eager to take some selfies for social media. Go to the Cabrillo National Monument to get the most amazing view of San Diego and the entire bay.

With Mexico to its south and the Pacific Ocean to the west, San Diego has a very charming culture and all manner of cuisines. San Diego is considered the birthplace of California because it was the location for the first Spanish settlement in 1769. Most of the historic buildings have been preserved in Old Town.


On the mission field

Arriving in Tecate will be the highlight of the road trip. The city is isolated from cartel violence and as a result, there are thousands of people who come here with the hopes of getting work across the US border. We have 25+ years of commitment with families and churches in this remote town, so you will serve here to be part of something that will outlive you.

We will stay at a local camp which is equipped with bunk-style cabins, showers, and a swimming pool. The camp provides the perfect ambiance for you and your team members to unwind after a hard day at work. Breakfast and dinner will be served buffet-style at the camp. Sandwiches will be given at the worksites for lunch.

Your team will help a family by constructing a home for them. Don’t let that scare you though – we are using a pre-cut and a color-coded model which makes building the house a breeze even for those that have no construction experience.

Since there is a lot of work to do and in a short time, we will hit the ground running and you may not get time to do much sightseeing throughout the workweek. Not to worry though, because we have left out the last day of the trip free to allow you to relax at the beach or do some shopping. Then it will be time to go back to LA for round two of the scenic road trip.

So if you have never traveled outside of the USA, this is a great way to do it. You will not only have lots of fun, but you will be part of something bigger than yourself by reaching out to those in need of help.

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