The sun scorched down on the team as everyone pitched in to complete the final touches on the deck. GOTCHA! It was a beautiful week in Westmoreland Tennessee. The normally scorching Tennessee sun was missing which made way for cooler temperatures. Sitting outside under a tree with John was more than bearable this week. It was actually very pleasant.

The team from Louisiana was incredible. It is always amazing to me how God seems to handpick the exact people needed for the job at hand. I can honestly say that was the case in Westmoreland. Everyone involved with HIS Mission Team was there on purpose. And it was a great purpose.

We had three worksites. John is an elderly man that has lived a full life. He was willing to share all of his stories with us as we built a back porch, and scraped and painted his house that was damaged by the flood back in 2010. I was in Nashville when the flood hit four years ago, and I am amazed that people are still dealing with the ripples of that disaster. I am sure John will never forget the week that a group from Louisiana came all the way up to his home to spend time caring for him.

The team built another deck on a trailer after cleaning up the back yard for a family in need. Two girls there brought joy to the hearts of everyone involved. One, I believe her name was Addy, stepped up and prayed the most beautiful and sincere prayer I have ever heard come out of a child’s mouth. Part of the crew also built a wheelchair ramp for someone in town.

This was a wonderful week full of Christ’s fingerprint. I love what Pastor Glen shared with the team early one morning. He spoke about the time that Christ was calling some of His disciples. Some of them were out fishing while some were on the shore mending there nets. While those in the boat were doing work, others were preparing, fixing, and developing their equipment. That message sank deep for me. While I have been busy at work for the Kingdom, it’s not always true that I take time to focus and reenergize for that work. And God calls us to do both.

Thank You HIS Mission Team for the work that you have done for the Kingdom of God in Westmoreland. You are an inspiration to many around you. Continue to let your light shine, and may God be your direction.