With over 10 years on the ground in Haiti, Mission Discovery is perfectly positioned to mobilize teams to help with Haiti’s multi-year relief effort. Here is how we plan to help. Immediately the church of Haiti wants to know that the church of the world cares. With our base in Port au Prince that will house mission groups of up to 20, Mission Discovery first plans to facilitate trips for medical professionals. These teams will work in the communities surrounding Port au Prince as well as lend a hand in hospitals and aide tents where needed. Secondly, massive number os Haitians are moving out of the city to small towns. In each of 5 targeted cities we have relationships with church leaders who will at as a base staff to care for the needs of these refugees.

A third emphasis is in orphan care. Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children Orphanage on the northern coast of Haiti was not damaged. The orphanage, near Port de Paix, is one of the cities where hundred of people are taking refuge, including the orphan children population. The grand opening of our home was scheduled for this month, and we are quickening our efforts to make room for what we anticipate. A shipping container with bunk beds, food and medical supplies is being shipped this week to make read the home for 75 children.

After the immediate needs of medical care, Mission Discovery’s base camp will open for teams to come and be a part of the rebuilding of homes and orphanages in Port au Prince.

As quickly as donations are received at Mission

Discovery for Haiti, they are distributed to the field. One of the

specific needs of the people is for funding for sustaining a Haitians

future. Soon you will see Mission Discovery micro-lending website. A

place where you can help an individual or group of people begin a

business with a simple no-interest loan.

Check back frequently for updates here at Mission Discovery.