“I’m not a doctor, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn!” So just overnight your next mission trip group in a Holiday Inn and you should be well prepared for your next summer mission trip, right? While I like Holiday Inn’s and actually stayed in the “first built” one in Memphis many years ago, there is no shortcut to preparing a team for a mission experience.

Mission Discovery has over 20 year of experience in preparing teams for their short term mission trips. What do we do? For the last several years we have prepared team leaders with experiential content during a weekend event we call Pre Field Orientation or PFO for short. We are doing just that this year with one small change. We are taking PFO to you in a Saturday event that you and your entire team can attend. That’s correct, we will prepare your team for you! We will cover content like:

Team Bulding

Understand Cultural Differences

Language Learning

Story Telling (how to tell your story cross culturally)

Cross Cultural Communication (it’s not all verbal)

And then each one day event is followed by a tele-seminar for leaders to ask questions and for a few other things we think important.

PFO Locations



Eustis, Florida

Nashville, TN

New York

For more information about PFO call 800-767-8720 today!