What an exciting week we had! Last week we had a team of 19 participants with us visiting the HOLD Home in Lavaud, Haiti. It was so exciting to see the progress that has been made since last April! We’ve been updating along the way, but it was neat to see the new kitchen and storage area in person.

The most exciting news is that we officially broke ground for our first transitional home! This home is located on our same piece of property; it’s behind the orphanage. The hope is to place some of our older children in this home so that they can be in a more family style setting. Here they will learn even more responsibilities, such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for a home. We will also equip them with vocational skills so that in life after the home, they will be well prepared knowing a specific trade.

This transitional home, although it is one large building, is two separate homes with a shared middle wall. Four girls will live in one side of the home with a house mother, and four boys will live on the other side with a house mother. Each side of the home has two bedrooms, a bathroom with multiple toilets, showers, and sinks, kitchen, living area, and a small apartment for the house mother.

We had a formal cerem